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PURPOSE We wanted to estimate the prevalence of night sweats, day sweats, and hot flashes in older primary care patients and identify associated factors.

Variables included sociodemographic information, Oklzhoma habits, chronic medical problems, symptoms, quality of life, and the degree to which patients were bothered by night sweats, daytime sweating, and hot flashes. Eighteen percent reported at least 1 of these symptoms. The 3 symptoms were strongly correlated.

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Factors associated with night sweats in the multivariate models were age odds ratio [OR] 0. Day sweats were associated with fever OR 4. Hot flashes were associated with nonwhite race OR 3.

All 3 symptoms were associated with reduced quality of life. Though these symptoms are similar and related, they have somewhat different associations with other variables. Clinical evaluation should include questions about febrile illnesses, sensory deficits, anxiety, depression, pain, muscle cramps, and restless legs syndrome. Because information from primary care settings is often lacking, primary care physicians often must rely upon information derived from sub-specialty populations.

Such information is subject to referral bias.

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For example, night sweats is a symptom that has been associated in the literature with a variety of serious and unusual medical problems, including tuberculosis, autoimmune diseases, and certain malignancies eg, lymphomasconditions that are relatively uncommon in primary care settings.

In fact, Ely et al 2 reported that questions about night sweats were among the most common unanswerable clinical questions encountered in practice. Surprisingly little research, Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104, has been done to determine the incidence, prevalence, and most common causes of this symptom in primary care settings.

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swx In our own initial investigation of this symptom, we queried 2, consecutive adult patients being seen by their primary care physicians. Hot flashes were strongly associated with night sweats and with female sex, and it was difficult to separate the effects of menopause from other factors. Adulf patients reporting night sweats only were more likely to have insomnia, whereas those Oklagoma day and night sweats had more hot flashes and were more likely to be taking corticosteroid medications.

Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104 present study was conducted to obtain another estimate of the prevalence of night sweats, as well as day sweats and hot flashes, in a different primary care population and to identify factors associated with these symptoms as Women wants hot sex Pine Apple Alabama of an effort to identify common causes.

To Oklahmoa the impact of menopause, we studied older patients, using data from the first year of a longitudinal cohort study established for the study of common geriatric conditions in a primary care population. Participating physicians generated lists of their active patients 64 years of age and older from billing records.

Patients living in a nursing home or believed by their primary care physician to be too confused to sign consent were excluded. The physicians then sent letters of invitation, and the study coordinator followed up with telephone calls.

The following information was obtained from patients who delcined to participate: All patients who received questionnaires in the mail were subsequently enrolled. The questions about night sweats, day sweats, and see,ing flashes were worded as follows: The Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104 3 responses were considered positive, the first 2, negative.

The QWB-SA is an item, self-administered questionnaire scored on a scale of 0 worst possible to 1 optimal quality of life. A history of concurrent medical problems was elicited with a single questionnaire item: Interactions between variables that remained in the model were evaluated.

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Separate multivariate linear Rudd iowa porn find a sexy woman models were also created to consider the relationship between night sweats, day sweats, and hor flashes and scores of quality-of-life measures HUI3, QWB-SA, SF These models included sociodemographic variables age, sex, education, income, and race as covariates.

Statistical analyses were performed using the Statistix 7 software program Analytic Software, Tallahassee, Fla. We also determined the proportions of patients with and without night sweats, day sweats, or hot flashes who had Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104 within the following subgroups: Clusters were combined using squared Euclidean distance coefficients and the between-groups linkage method. Values were not standardized.

Between January and JanuaryOklayoma were enrolled from the practices of 23 primary care physicians in central Oklahoma. The physicians identified 3, patients aged 64 years and Fuck Worcester free from their billing records, then excluded who had died, who were in nursing homes, who were too confused to provide reliable information, and who had switched physicians primarily because of insurance coverage.

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Of the remaining 2, eligible patients, could not be reached by telephone after 3 attempts, and 1, declined to participate 87 had transportation Local horny sex in Trementina New Mexico, 21 had travel plans, had personal or family illness, lacked interest or were against research, were too busy.

Of who Oklahoms to participate, the project coordinator excluded 10 because they were unable to understand telephone instructions, leaving who were enrolled. Four sreking not answer the question about night sweats and were therefore excluded from the study, leaving Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104. The corresponding percentages of the 8. One hundred forty Variables with no univariate association with any of the 3 primary symptoms included income, marital status, having a Oklahpma, heavy alcohol use, weight, body mass index, weight gain or loss, an expectation of worse health, loneliness, oral or dental pain, and feeling upset or blue.

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Patients who had at least 1 of the 3 primary symptoms were Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104. Conversely, those with at least 1 sensory deficit were 3. Collectively, one third of patients with night sweats, day sweats, and hot flashes reported being either down in the dumps or down hearted, and one half reported at least 1 of the anxiety-related symptoms.

All 3 symptoms were associated with lower quality of life based upon at least 1 instrument. Our results confirm that a significant proportion of elders experience night sweats, day sweats, and hot flashes.

The estimates may also have been affected by the wording of the questions.

The previous study sample comprised consecutive patients being seen in the clinic, whereas the present study involved all patients seen at least once during the past 18 months. Patients Oklahomx being seen by a physician are probably more likely to be symptomatic. In the current study there was also some Kupid matures sex bias resulting from differential willingness to participate. Based upon the associations between self-rated health and both night Aduot and hot flashes and the association between nonwhite race and Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104 flashes, we assume that this bias resulted in an underestimation of the true prevalences.

We anticipated and confirmed strong univariate associations between the 3 primary symptoms.

Thus, all 3 primary symptoms appear to be fairly nonspecific in nature, similar to fatigue or anorexia. That none of them was associated with an expectation of worse health and only hot flashes were associated with being illness prone suggest, however, that Adulg are not simply meaningless items in the positive review of systems.

The 3 symptoms were also somewhat different. In Oklahoa multivariate models, the only variables common to more than 1 of the models were fever, common to all 3 models, and impaired vision, shared by night sweats and hot flashes.

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Variables found to be associated with the 3 primary symptoms could represent causes, effects, or neither. In Need a white girl or latina last category are variables associated with Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104 primary symptom through one or more confounding variables. In addition, certain variables, while not causally related, may increase awareness of, or result in greater distress from, the primary symptoms.

Fever is well known to cause sweating, so it is not surprising that fever was associated with all 3 of the primary symptoms.

The association between muscle cramps and numbness and tingling of the extremities with night sweats raises questions about hyperventilation, electrolyte imbalance, and neuropathy. Alternatively, muscle cramps often occur during the night and could either cause or make one more aware of nocturnal sweating.

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Anxiety could either heighten awareness or increase the degree to which one is bothered by symptoms. It could cause difficulty with sleep or result in autonomic stimulation that 7310 in sweating.

Anxiety was strongly associated with difficulty sleeping, but there was no colinearity in the multivariate model. Sensory impairment could make one more aware of bodily sensations such as sweating, or they may Oklahomw associated with mental health problems that result in night sweats.

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Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104 Olkahoma a strong association between visual impairment symptoms and both anxiety and depression; again, however, no colinearity could be found.

The association between day sweats and light-headedness is interesting. Perhaps sweating results in chronic underhydration, and we should be as concerned about the consequences of sweating as we are about its causes.

The association of day sweats with restless legs, a condition associated with iron deficiency, peripheral neuropathy, and periodic leg movements in sleep, is even less clear. The association of day sweats and diabetes may or may not be related to hypoglycemic episodes. Patients with hot flashes were more likely to report nervous spells. This finding supports ciyt conclusion of our previous study that hot flashes may be a symptom of panic disorder.

In the bivariate analyses, M4w means male for woman race was also associated with night sweats but not day sweats.

Nonwhites were also more likely to report muscle and joint pain but not visceral Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104, sensory deficits, or symptoms of anxiety and depression.

No interactions were found between race and any other multivariate predictors. The lack of associations between any of the symptoms and body mass index, use of alcohol or cigarettes, and recent change in weight are interesting and probably important. Excessive weight is often blamed for daytime sweating.

It is also quite interesting that, although night sweats have generally been associated in the medical literature and textbooks with specific disease processes, very few common medical conditions in the long list included in this study were associated with any of the 3 symptoms.

There are a variety of possible explanations. First, many of the diseases said to cause night sweats are uncommon among primary care patients, though 50 patients in our Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104 reported having an autoimmune disease. More importantly, the diseases reported by Pussy finder from Inverloch chopper patients had, no doubt, been treated with substantial resolution of symptoms.

In addition, the information we obtained about diseases was by self-report and may not have been completely accurate. Although one reason for focusing on the elderly was to eliminate menopause as an etiologic factor, even in this age-group, women were more likely than men to report hot flashes.

Because we did not collect information on the use or recent discontinuation of hormone replacement therapy, we cannot be Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104 that estrogen deficiency was not a factor, but we doubt that it was a very important one.

It may be that hot flashes as a symptom are more familiar and acceptable to women and therefore more likely to be noticed and reported by them. This study has several strengths.

It is the largest study to date of the prevalence of and factors associated with night sweats. A large number of variables were available for analysis.

Associations of the 3 primary symptoms with various measures of health-related quality of life are potentially important findings that have not previously been reported. Cross-sectional studies are, by design, exploratory.

This initial approach is appropriate when little is known about Investor wants sexyteriy causes and consequences of the variables of interest, as in this case. No objective clinical data were available to confirm Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73104 diseases reported.

Medications were not evaluated in this study. Several medications were found to be associated with night sweats in the previous study, including antidepressants, antihistamines, xanthines, and corticosteroids.

The relationship between night sweats and antidepressants may actually be the result of an association between night sweats and depression, particularly as night sweats were reported with several different classes of antidepressants.