What to do if your computers shuts down unexpectedly

What to do if your computers shuts down unexpectedly

What to do if your computers shuts down...

Hello everyone,

This is a story about a PC that was shutting down in the middle of the CS:GO map.

As you know by now, or not, i have a liquid cooled computer.
It’s an AMD Ryzen 1900x processor with 32GB of RAM and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070TI. So nothing that extravagant. Just a normal computer. But watercooled. I you didn’t knew i have one you can read about it on this story Why and how did i build myself a watercooled PC

At some point in this PC existence it started shutting down for no fricking reason at all.
So i started investigating this problem.

At first i didn’t know what to look for, i started suspecting the RAM wasn’t OK, then i thought that i didn’t do the right thing and the son of a CNC machine is heating up and shuts down.

After searching the world wide web and reading all blogs that didn’t help with anything and checking Microsoft websites about this shitty problem, 3 months later, i found a possible solution to my problem.

I think on some Microsoft forum or something i found someone that had the same problem but his solution was different then all others solutions.
Components don’t use same amount of energy all the time. Voltages vary in all PC components, from RAM to CPU and VGAs.

At that moment i had a Corsair power source CX650M which i thought can handle my CPU with 16GB RAM and a GeForce 1060 i had before. And it did. The probles is that i upgraded my RAM and my GPU to 32GB of RAM and 1070TI. My corsau CX650M was able to start my computer but not able to do anything else (except Chrom, but not always).

So i decided to try what that person suggested on that Microsoft forum/blog/whatever.
I bought me a brand new Corsair RM1000i and some Cablemod cables ( i didn’t needed them but i was shopping and you know that moment when you have your credit card in one hand, the mouse in other hand and you want only the best for your watercooled PC … right).

Conclusion to this poorly written article is that if you computer shuts down unexpectedly for no fricking reason you should check your power supply too.

See ya.

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